Upper Extremity Amputation

Upper extremity limb loss includes the loss of part of/ or all of the hand, arm below the elbow, and arm above the elbow. Upper extremity amputations (UEA) account for 35% of the 1.9 million total, which means they aren’t nearly as common as lower extremity amputations. Because of the unique nature, a different set of challenges, both physical and mental, is presented. However the use of prosthetic devises can dramatically assist in tackling these challenges. Many prosthetist don’t get the opportunity to work with upper body amputees, they may lack the experience and willingness to try the advanced options available.

At ABLE, our certified Prosthetists are not only willing to give you all the options, but have the experience working with advanced upper extremity prosthetics such as the i-Limb. Utilizing our knowledge and experience we will work with your
physician to make a decision on what will work best for you. We will take into account all factors that affect your prosthetic care. The successful implementation of any prosthetic care plan is much more than just the application of technology to i-limb copyones extremity. The patient’s total environment, level of amputation, vocational and recreational goals and family support systems will all be part of the equation. While each experience of limb loss is unique, many individuals have successfully overcome the loss or absence of a limb and regained function and a positive outlook.

Our goal is to restore upper body motor function so that using your prosthetic is seamless and natural. We believe that you can regain all of the freedom and control you lost. Remember, it is important to see your prosthetist regularly. We will be happy to provide advice and any adjustments needed.

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