Lower Extremity Amputation

Lower Extremity Amputation (LEA) is the most common type of amputation. It includes the loss of part of or all of the foot, lower leg, and upper leg. Most lower limb amputations occur as a result of diabetic complication. According to the University of Michigan that number is around 60%. There are two categories for this type of amputation, above knee (AK) and below knee (BK). Loosing a limb is difficult and presents many challenges. However all of these can be overcome with the right application of prosthetics and determination. Our certified Prosthetists will work with your physician and insurance so that you can continue to enjoy all the activities you always have. We want to help you find a prosthetic that fits your lifestyle.

Above Knee

Above Knee amputation can range from right above the knee up to the hip. With this type of amputation your prosthetic will need to have a knee component. At ABLE we work with many different kinds of technologies for prosthetics. The advancements in Microprocessor knee systems, such as the C-Leg, are allowing c-leg-4-coloursamputee’s greater freedom and mobility then ever before. These new technologies are making it easier for amputees to traverse stairs and ramps at a natural pace. The Genium Knee by Otto Bock  will recognize when a user is going up stairs and will have a mode to assist the amputee in leg over leg stair climbing. With ABLE and the right prosthetic there will be nothing you can’t do.

Below Knee

Below the knee amputation occurs anywhere from right below the knee to a partial foot amputation. As always, the goal is to keep you active with your prosthetic. Because of advancements, we now have greater options in suspension, PROPRIO-FOOT-wEVOshock absorption, rotation and energy return than ever before. Our Prosthetists can help you adjust to your prosthetic and find a comfortable natural fit. So many BK amputees are still able to participate in sports like soccer, gymnastics, and some even run marathons.

Another technology we work with is the PROPIO foot. This foot will automatically adjust itself to the terrain the amputee is walking on. If you are going up or down a ramp PROPRIO will sense this and change the position of the foot to match the change in incline. With the push of a button it will adjust itself to a shoe’s heel height. While walking the foot senses when the toe pushes off and will lift the toe to prevent it from catching on the ground. With us, these technologies, and you will be able to do anything!


At ABLE, our team of Prosthetists are determined to help every patient reach the highest level of success and recovery. We take extra time with our patients to ensure they are adjusting to their prosthetic well. Our certified professionals have experience working with every level of amputation. In over 20 years in the field they have the expertise that you will want when working with any prosthetic device. If you have any questions please contact us to set up a consultation. We want you to enjoy your prosthesis as much as possible.

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