Facility In-Service

AT ABLE we provide educational programs for therapists, physicians, and caregivers. Our purpose is to strengthen the team that has the opportunity of working with our patients. The goal is to help caregivers become more informed on working with prosthetics and orthotics.

We understand your time is valuable; ABLE can arrange a time that will fit your busy schedule. Contact us today to set up your session.

Our programs include education on:

*Amputation Prosthetic Overview
*Orthotic Use Overiew

*Prosthetic Advances                                                                                     *Coordinating Patient Care Strategies

Or more specifically:
*Lower-Limb Prosthetics:Transfemoral
*Lower-Extremity Amputee/Prosthetic Evaluation Outcomes Measures
*Lower-Limb Prosthetic Gait Training
*Lower-Limb Prosthetic Gait Analysis
*Upper-Limb Prosthetics
*Partial Foot, Ankle/Knee/Hip Disarticulation
*Transpelvic Prosthetics
*Microprocessor Controlled Knee
*Pediatric Orthotics

*Dynamic Orthotics

*Carbon Composites

*Fracture Bracing                                                                                         *Upper/Lower Extremity and Spinal Bracing

* Stance Control Knee Joints

*Complimentary breakfast or lunch provided*