Prefabricated vs Custom Insoles

After the right diabetic shoes, determining if you need prefabricated or custom insoles is the next step. The insoles will help relieve pressure and prevent friction. The friction is a result of micro vibrations inside the shoe and can cause callousing leading to a breakdown of skin which can become infected.

ba0a709e8524b0d3204f2ad58d0d6fe9Prefabricated insoles work for most diabetics. However, custom can be indicated for people with foot irregularities such as, hammer toe, bunions, and mallet toe. Our licensed Pedorthotists will take measurements and impressions of your feet and produce insoles contoured to your specific needs.

At ABLE we work with your physician to make the best decision on which type of insole you need. Both prefabricated and custom insoles require a prescription as well as medical records for insurance coverage.

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