Knee Orthosis (KO) Brace

Knee Orthosis (KO) – with Hinges

The best and most intimate fit of this brace is against the skin. However, loose fitting pants can be worn with brace but it may migrate.

How to put on your KO:

  1. In a sitting position align hinges of brace along sides of knee. Be sure to center hinges on the knee cap.
  2. Velcro thigh strap and pull for snugness
  3. Velcro strap below the knee and pull for snugness.

Wearing Schedule:

There are many indicators for the use of this brace, please contact physician for wearing schedule.

Please contact your ABLE Orthotist to schedule an appointment for an adjustment if any discomfort is felt and results in redness, bruising or blistering. Please discontinue the use of the brace until seen by your Orthotist.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • The best way to clean the KO is to spray rubbing alcohol on the inside and out and wipe down with a dry cloth. This will remove any body oils and residue.
    • Do not immerse in water.
  • If the Velcro is not sticking well on the brace, check for lint build-up on the Velcro and remove it.


  • Be aware that volume changes in the body can affect how the KO will fit.
  • Do NOT ever sleep in the KO.
  • Keep KO away from excessive or direct heat. This may cause deformation.