Cascade DAFO

We at American Brace& Limb Enterprise (ABLE) are committed to helping children and their families find successful outcomes for their mobility issues. We are committed to helping patients and their families find successful solutions to mobility challenges
One of the many ways we do this is through the usage of products like the Cascade Dafo LeapFrog with its full wrap-around flexible support encompasses the foot and ankle for pronation and supination control. A well-defined plantar surface and compression provides proprioceptive input. Solid outer foundation adds extra arch support and heel stability. The SMO trimline gently guides medial/ lateral ankle alignment and fully encompasses the heel and forefoot for excellent alignment control.
• Fully-correctable foot position
• Moderate to strong pronation or supination and associated gait instability
• Access to free PF/DF is desired


• Uncorrectable foot positions
• Very strong pronation or
• supination
• Need to restrict PF/DF