C leg

Confidence in the prosthesis and prosthetist is of the utmost importance for users and we at American Brace & Limb Enterprise(ABLE) build those relationships to help you get the most out of life.
The C- Leg takes advantage of microprocessor-controlled hydraulics, which adapt dynamically to all walking speeds, in real time. In addition, the microprocessor makes it possible to reliably secure the stance phase in both the C-Leg® and C-Leg® compact systems. This incredible control is made possible through the use of a sensor system. Fifty times a second an ankle moment sensor measures stress while a knee angle sensor reports angle and angular velocity at the knee
The result is a system that recognizes which phase of gait the amputee is in-and reacts accordingly. With C-Leg® technology, users are able to move about more easily-without having to focus on their prosthesis. Whether the user is going down stairs step-over-step, navigating a slope, or hiking along a rough forest path, the C-Leg reacts accordingly-right when it’s supposed to. Even big crowds and low light are less of a problem with C-Leg® technology, because the prosthesis system is stabilized with a high level of resistance in stance phase, and will only switch to swing phase when certain criteria are met-helping to prevent stumbles and falls. C-Leg® technology offers users many advantages, including permanent stance phase control, the ability to weight the prosthesis during flexion, dynamic alignment, lower energy expenditure while walking, and relief for the sound side and the rest of the body.
More than 40,000 fittings with the C-Leg® leg prosthesis system around the world confirm the key advantages of this unique technology. The studies prove that C-Leg® users particularly benefit from the following:
• Less frequent falls
• Ability to walk without having to focus on walking
• Increased activity with a larger range of movement
• Enhanced confidence in the prosthesis
What this means to our patients and users of the c leg is a product that keeps you and your life moving ….FORWARD.